Swedish Handknits: A Collection of Heirloom Designs

Swedish Handknits is a collection of patterns for sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens, headbands, and bags, all inspired by the historic textiles housed at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Institute was the first to host the successful Bohus knitting exhibit in America, so it’s fitting that their world-class textile collection provides the inspiration for these designs. As in the authors’ Norwegian Handknits, vintage photographs of Swedish immigrants, recipes, and ph…

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A Short Grammar of Greenkeeping: Fundamental principles influencing turfgrass growth and maintenance

Every turfgrass manager knows that temperature, light, water, and fertilizer will influence the growth rate of the grass. Because the growth rate, and adjustments to it, are what finally produce the desired playing surfaces, it is critically important to understand how these factors can be adjusted. This book explains how the influence of air temperature, photosynthetic light, plant water status, and leaf nitrogen content can be thought of and communicated as a grammar: the fundamental pr…

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PowerShell Troubleshooting Guide

Minimize debugging time and maximize troubleshooting efficiency by leveraging the unique features of the PowerShell language
About This Book

Reduce troubleshooting surprises by understanding the PowerShell language
Avoid parameter passing mistakes by using PowerShell’s unique pipeline binding capabilities
Answer questions such as what, how, and why in troubleshooting sessions by utilizing PowerShell’s various write- cmdlets

Who This Book Is For
The techniques in this book apply to beginner…

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Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems

Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems by Gary Snyder
English | 2010 | ISBN: 1582436363 | 96 pages | EPUB | 0,2 MB
By any measure, Gary Snyder is one of the greatest poets in America in the last century. From his first book of poems to his latest collection of essays, his work and his example, standing between Tu Fu and Thoreau, have been influential all over the world. Riprap, his first book of poems, was published in Japan in 1959 by Origin Press, and it is the fiftieth anniversary of that grou…

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The People’s Car: A Global History of the Volkswagen Beetle

At the Berlin Auto Show in 1938, Adolf Hitler presented the prototype for a small, oddly shaped, inexpensive family car that all good Aryans could enjoy. Decades later, that automobile-the Volkswagen Beetle-was one of the most beloved in the world. Bernhard Rieger examines culture and technology, politics and economics, and industrial design and advertising genius to reveal how a car commissioned by Hitler and designed by Ferdinand Porsche became an exceptional global commodity on a par with …

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Containment: A Thriller

Containment: A Thriller by Hank Parker
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1501136445 | 320 Pages | EPUB | 6.7 MB
From a former US government advisor on agroterrorism comes a ripped-from-the-headlines debut thriller about a global Description to release a deadly virus and the elite response team who must try to stop it.
From a former US government advisor on agroterrorism …

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